Why Striving For Perfection Can Hold You Back

Did you know that your own personal quest for perfection can hold you back from experiencing the success online you’re seeking! The fact is the internet is a VERY fast paced environment which often leaves you very little time to get things ‘just right’ when ‘plotting’ your next move or even just publishing your next piece of content! Always trying to be perfect is NOT a luxury when working online but what WILL help you succeed more frequently is simply taking action! Remember even if your ideas, products or strategies are not exactly what you want them to be, it is better to put them into play than to take no action at all!

Let’s take a closer look at why even if your efforts may not be up to your ‘lofty’ standards they are likely good enough to get the job done!

Although wanting to be perfect is certainly an admirable quality it is also something that can hold you back from enjoying more success online! As we discussed above the internet moves fast therefore you MUST keep up with the pace which often requires taking action even if you’re NOT convinced your efforts are perfect! Sometimes simply being ‘good’ is good enough especially when it comes to taking action as an internet entrepreneur! Remember that win, lose or draw, nothing happens unless some type of action has first been taken regardless of how imperfect it may be!

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