Why Small Business Owners Need Time Away

Most small business owners have a very strong commitment towards their work because not only is it, in most cases, their only source of income but it is also their passion! In fact entrepreneurs like this often feel that only their ‘hands on’ involvement is what keeps things running smoothly therefore taking time away would simply undo all their past efforts! Their primary focus, and maybe yours as well is to learn or develop new ways to be more productive in their own business and taking time off is simply NOT an option! The first red flag for hard working entrepreneurs like this is how is it possible to step away from their business while still making sales while they’re away? These concerns are legitimate however do you possibly risk the loss of motivation, income or even more by NOT stepping away periodically from your business and labor of your love? The answer may surprise you!

Let’s discuss why you need to take time away from the business you’re building and how it will benefit you both personally and professionally!

The Importance Of Taking Time To Relax

But even if most of my ‘working day’ is filled with things I enjoy doing, it’s still necessary to take some time off to relax. To tune out. Turn off. Shut down. And do  …

Although it is very clear how you stand to benefit from taking time away from your business, many entrepreneurs are uncomfortable with the risk of losing sales due to their absence! This common fear is a legitimate one that can actually be overcome with a bit pf planning! The following video featuring Denise Duffield-Thomas offers you a few suggestions on simple steps you can take to keep your business running smoothly while you’re taking time off!

There’s little doubt small business owners typically have a very strong work ethic but in many cases their reluctance to take time off may be holding them back personally and professionally! The discussion above addresses the concerns of many entrepreneurs who are uncomfortable stepping away from their businesses because they feel strongly their focus should be placed on ways to be more productive when growing their business and NOT taking time off! Additionally another concern is how are you supposed to take time to relax all the while still making sales even when you are NOT at the helm of the business you’re building? These concerns and questions have been brought to light and addressed here today so that you ‘workaholics’ out there, you know who you are, realize all work and no play will not only make you boring, but could also put you on the fast track to burn-out, or worse!


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