Why People Fail At Blogging

Why people fail at building a successful blog encompasses many reasons! I guess it’s fair to say that it all starts with a failure to recognize the importance of your readers but there’s much more to it than that! Let’s listen in on an array of opinions and suggestions from around the internet as to why so many fall short of being successful when blogging!

Real Talk About Why So Many Blogs Fail

Why are so many blogs coming to and end and a few tricks how to make your blog successful.

5 Reasons why Blogs fail and how you can avoid them

With over 200 million blogs created it seems there is no end. However, many blogs fail and are left abandoned.

8 Reasons Why You Will Fail at Blogging

frustrated8 Reasons Why You Will Fail at Blogging. Surveys and analytic say, thousands of blogs are being set up on daily basis and there are more than 300,000 blogs. Out of all these, only few blogs are still live while others are dead.

5 Reasons Most Bloggers Fail And How Can You Avoid It?

According to a recent survey, 97 out of 100 blogs fail miserably. That’s a shocking truth, isn’t it? So how can to build a better blog and brand and more importantly why most bloggers fail?

Why Do Bloggers Fail? Learning From Other’s Mistakes

In this post I want to discuss the reasons on why do bloggers fail and the reasons on why they give up at blogging.

As you have come to understand from the reasons given above as to why people fail when trying to develop a successful blog, it’s more a matter of critical oversights and unrealistic expectations! In most cases it usually reverts back to disregarding the importance of your readers and lacking the patience to do all the ‘little’ things necessary to get yourself noticed! In the end your patience, a consistency of effort and catering to your readers, which is your most valuable asset, is what it takes to ‘birth’ and develop a successful blog!