Why Finding Your Passion May Be Bad Advice

It is thought and taught by many that finding your passion is one of the best ways to place yourself on track to success since this passion will help you to get and stay motivated, which is the surest way to reach your ultimate goals! On the surface this ‘claim’ would appear to be true but is it really? Finding what inspires you enough to feel truly passionate about it may in fact be tougher to do than finding success itself and may even become an obstacle that holds you back! What we’re going to discuss here today is that NOT everyone possesses a particular passion they can focus on and this is not unusual so by trying to determine what to do with our lives in accordance with what we are passionate about could be much like sending people on a wild goose chase!

As shocking as this may seem to those who believe we all have something we’re passionate about, the fact remains NOT everyone has a passion but you can develop one, so let’s see how!


Finding your passion and using it as the focus of your attention as a means to become successful because it is much easier to get and stay motivated due to your enthusiasm makes sense but it does not apply to everyone! There are people, perhaps maybe even you, who do NOT possess any particular passions and for people like that trying to find what really inspires them could simply be a waste of their time! On the other hand you may find that what inspires you enough to consider it a passion may be a skill or interest with which you’re already involved in and/or developed a propensity for over time! The point is the passionate feeling or subject matter you may be looking for that will inspire you to greater success may be found in what you already do and not an interest you already possess! In the end don’t always expect to find your passions through any brainstorming sessions simply because you may be one of those people who have yet to develop one, at least not yet, but it’s never too late! Thanks to Thomas Frank for the insightful video contribution you’ve seen above here today!

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