Why Being a Success Requires No Talent or Skills

Being a success, at almost anything worthwhile, typically requires the establishment of some type of goals! The question is whether achieving your goals requires special talents or skills to do so or can you simply rely upon your own strong desire to succeed! It can be said that the level of success you do reach is greatly reliant upon the frame of mind with which you approach any challenges you must overcome to reach your goals! Possessing a strong desire to succeed is more important than having talent or skills, so for those of you who felt success is something you’ll never achieve, think again!

Here are 5 stages of a productive frame of mind that will help you reach goals without prior talents, skills or even dumb luck!


The attitude with which you approach the pursuit of your goals means EVERYTHING! Being willing to invest the time, effort, patience and then even more patience with a positive frame of mind keeps you productive and ‘things’ in perspective! It all starts with believing in yourself and the direction you’re taking! If you don’t think you can be successful why even bother and if this is the case your efforts as well as results will likely be uninspiring! Possessing the right attitude strengthens your determination to succeed and gives you the resilience to keep ‘plugging’ away, despite setbacks, until you’ve reached your goals!

Time Management

How you manage your time will help to increase your production and thus accelerate your progress! Getting results quickly tends to ‘snuff’ out any second guessing or growing feeling of frustration that may set in when your efforts seem to get you nowhere! Another huge benefit of using your time wisely is that it minimizes your fatigue thereby keeping your energy level high and your focus sharp a a tack! Of course to really make the best use of how you invest your time starts with planning your day to establish your priorities and determine the actions you need to take for achieving your goals!


Having a very strong desire to succeed will strengthen your resolve thereby making you more resilient when facing setbacks as they occur, and they will! Possessing a frame of mind where your focus is entirely on achieving your goals no matter what it takes, within reason of course, is the commitment you’ll need if you want to succeed! Remember, any accomplishments of significance typically require time, patience and effort, YOURS in this case, and this involves unflappable determination! On the other hand if your commitment, which is fueled by your strong desire, is NOT what it should be, you’ll likely fall short of your goals!


The more you work within any industry or niche the more ‘familiar’ you’re going to become with what works and what doesn’t! Nothing can really replace experience although to benefit from it you must be willing to learn from your mistakes so you don’t duplicate them later! It clearly does NOT take any talent to ‘gain’ experience but rather only the willingness to invest the time and, as stated above, to learn from the time you’ve invested! This will only make you better at what you do!

Nurturing Your Motivation

Identifying your reasons or ‘WHY’ you do what you do will help you get and stay motivated! Success usually comes with benefits, and it is VERY effective to occasionally remind yourself of the benefits you will experience after achieving your goals! Taking note of and celebrating your progress is another way to stay motivated and a great way to break down the process into smaller more manageable ‘tasks’ which are far less intimidating or overwhelming! Another important point here is even if you have a very strong desire to succeed, if the goals you set are NOT realistic, you will be quickly overwhelmed thereby stripping you of any motivation!

Being a success is typically the by-product of the hard work and commitment you’ve investing for the sake of achieving your goals! As our discussion here today has emphasized neither talent nor skill is a prerequisite for accomplishing anything of significance! Possessing the right frame of mind along with a strong desire to succeed is really what it takes to experience any notable accomplishments! The point is that for those who previously felt they ‘lack’ the talent or skill to be successful, think again! Having a focused mind, a strong desire to succeed and the willingness to work is what it takes to become a success! The bottom line is if you’re willing to work for it, you too can become successful, provided of course your goals are realistic!

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