The Role Self Discipline Plays in Your Success

Self discipline plays a HUGE role in your business success online primarily because it helps you maintain the focus and concentration needed to work through problems and learn new things! One of the biggest attractions to becoming an internet entrepreneur is that you get to be your own boss but on the other hand this same attraction can also be a major obstacle for many who lack initiative and discipline! Who is going to keep your mood up when the chips are down or motivate you when discouraged, fatigued, confused or simply distracted! When working alone, as most people do online, if you lack the drive or will-power to keep moving forward, for any reason, you might as well throw in the towel! If you have any notion of building a profitable business online, your focus and concentration will be very much needed and the most effective way to maintain this high level of focus is through discipline for without it you stand little chance of success!

Now let’s listen in below as one of Americas most notable industrialist and philanthropists, Andrew Carnegie, discusses the role discipline plays in any success or achievements you may experience!


Self discipline plays a very important role in both your life as well as your business success online and lacking in this area is a common reason why many fail at what they (attempt) to do! Taking on any ‘new’ task or goal you have successfully calls for plenty of focus and concentration on your part because much of what you’re doing is typically foreign or unfamiliar to you! To maintain this high level of focus and concentration for a sustained period of time takes discipline and lots of it! Mr Carnegie in the above video has clearly explained how being disciplined allows for you to work through difficulties and temptations by keeping your focus squarely on what it is you’re trying to achieve! Remember, as an entrepreneur, if you’re NOT going to perform the tasks needed to reach your goals or invest the time to better yourself or your business, who will? The answer is of course YOU but the only way to do so is with the discipline needed to follow through on whatever it takes for your business success to become your reality!

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