The Best Business Marketing Strategy Is Reciprocity

Do you include reciprocity in your online business marketing strategy because if you don’t, you should! The internet can be a cold and barren place for marketers trying to capture the attention of others due to its vastness and the level of activity it possesses! One sure way to make an impact however is by randomly helping other people! Now you may think why the heck do you want to take the time or invest the effort to ‘perform’ random acts of kindness when you have a business to build and operate? This is where the law of reciprocity kicks in and this law is explained as such: “Reciprocity refers to responding to a positive action with another positive action, rewarding kind actions.” Folks tend to remember those who have shown them kindness or generosity and marketing your business by helping other people has proven to be very effective!

Let’s take a closer look at 5 various ‘strategies’ you likely use for marketing your business to see how reciprocity can help give you better results!

Sales Page

When visitors land on your sales page or view any product offers you make the ‘good karma’ you’ve developed by helping other people WILL be remembered! When working on the internet one of the biggest assets you can have is the trust you’ve developed with others which naturally helps to increase your promotional effectiveness!

Social Sharing (exposure – traffic)

Do you have something that will benefit or entertain others or even create a buzz? This is why marketing your business (tactfully and tastefully) on social media is tailored made for entrepreneurs like you! Social sites are a great place to capture the attention of others with insightful comments or by offering tips and tricks these people can use! The best part is these sites always posses the potential for anything you say or do to go viral online thus directing a lot of traffic back your way!

Thought Leaders

The more these people share what others perceive as thought provoking and relevant content the more inclined people are to following them! Thought leaders tend to capture the attention of others due to the insight and relevance of what they say or do! These people speak less but say more simply because they put a lot of thought into what they say before saying it! What makes their contributions even more meaningful is that their intentions are usually focused on helping other people and NOT trying to make a sale! Folks remember noble gestures like that!

Guest Bloggers

Guest blogging is all about creating ‘good karma’ with the host by entertaining or informing their readers with engaging content of all types! This strategy works well for the host because they get some great content posted to their site without having to create or develop it themselves! The guest blogger on the other hand hopes to capture the attention and interest of readers on another site in an effort to get more traffic to their own blog! Once again it’s all about helping other people, be it the host or their readers, and if what you offered is found useful, both traffic and other guest blogging opportunities will follow!

Email Marketing

Every ‘good’ email marketing campaign involves the sharing of a lot of useful information with subscribers along with ‘occasional’ product offerings! Make no mistake however the majority of the messages you send need to focus MORE on helping other people and LESS on marketing your business or subscribers will stop opening your email! Remember, you must first create good karma before you can expect others to reciprocate which is why you should tone down the sales pitches and ramp up the useful information you send!

The most widely used business marketing strategy on the internet is based upon helping other people regardless of whether they’ve purchased anything from you or not! Committing random acts of kindness like this helps capture the attention of those you’ve helped thus building their trust and loyalty towards you! Folks tend to remember any gestures of kindness they received as well as the person who extends these gestures and these memories serve to make marketing your business easier and more effective! As noted above it is the law of reciprocity that is at work when you sow the seeds of ‘good will’ thereby compelling recipients to feel the need to return the kindness! The 5 common promotional strategies discussed above serve as examples as to how the principles of reciprocity can increase their effectiveness and your bottom line! Remember although you may not be able to see or interact with those in your target market, you can still capture the attention of these people by spreading a bit of goodwill around! Would you feel more comfortable making a purchase from somebody with a kind, giving and trustworthy reputation or some faceless marketers bombarding you with sales pitches? That’s exactly what I thought!

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