The 5 Top Social Networking Sites By Volume and Demographics

As we ease on into 2015 let’s discuss the 5 top social networking sites for marketing your business! These ranking are based upon the number of ‘active’ members currently using the site along with a demographic breakdown of these users! As marketers are fully aware social media use has skyrocketed over recent years making these communities a popular place to get more traffic for their businesses provided the right tactics are used! One thing to keep in mind is although the ‘overall’ demographics of any particular community discussed below may not seem to fit your needs, a little digging will typically turn up ‘sub communities’ that will! It’s a numbers game in terms of traffic which is why the larger sites are the best for marketing your business simply because your audience is bigger!

Now without fanfare or drum-rolls here are (currently) the 5 best social communities for marketing your business in the coming year!


A hugely popular site, Facebook has reported to have 900,000,000 unique visitors on a monthly basis making it the current ‘grand-daddy’ of all the social communities found online! Although in former years this site was a popular destination for adults keeping up with family as well as long lost friends and associates, Facebook is now where many US teens have taken their social media use!


The ‘art’ of tweeting has enamored internet users with its ease of use and the ‘signature’ short messages it allows members! Although a great place for marketing your business, the drawback is you must continue to submit new messages to stay visible in the relatively short ‘live’ feed that Twitter displays! Currently there are 310,000,000 active members on this very fluid site which is primarily comprised of young adult male users!


Perhaps not as ‘sexy’ as other social communities found online, Linkedin still has an active member participation of 255,000,000 monthly! This site offers much potential for marketing your business since its members are primarily made up of serious minded professionals (US adults) who tend to have more money to spend!


This is one piece of internet ‘real estate’ that is positioned to make rapid gains in popularity in the near future! Pinterest is currently very popular with females of all ages with a monthly active user base of 250,000,000 making it a great place to get more traffic for personal or professional reasons!

Google Plus

Although this site has NOT evolved into the juggernaut Google had hope it would, so far, it still boasts an active user base of 120,000,000! This community, which Google has made extremely convenient for users to access, is comprised of well educated and tech savvy males! Although many feel Google Plus has ‘nudged’ people into becoming active members due to their ‘natural’ tie-in with many of their other (free) products, it still remains a great place for marketing your business! The future and even survival of this particular community as well as the way it’s lay-out however is in question and is a reason for genuine concern by people reluctant to embrace G+…as of yet!

Identifying the 5 top social networking sites based upon active members is an absolute MUST for any marketer looking to get more traffic to their own business! The fact is that social media use in general has increased tremendously over recent years and thus has become ‘fertile’ ground for marketing your business! The plain and simple fact is if you want to get more traffic when working online, you can position yourself smack dab in the middle of all the traffic you can use at any one of the communities we discussed here today!

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