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Creating Content That Keeps YOU Relevant Online

When creating content you want to provide useful information for your readers but you also want and/or need to prepare it in a way so it can be easily found online! What good are your efforts otherwise if what you’ve created serves little purpose to those who view it, or even worse, it’s something worthwhile […]

Creating Content That Keeps YOU Relevant Online

Tips You Can Use When Writing For the Internet

Tips You Can Use When Writing For the Internet

When writing for the internet it’s important to understand that if you don’t offer readers useful information, you give them little or no reason to view the content you created! Additionally you must also make what you wrote interesting to read just to keep people focused and/or engaged, otherwise they will simply leave your page! […]

How Google’s New Search Algorithm Changes Content Creation

Content creation is at the core, or at least should be, of every business or organization found online! Circulating useful information is one of the best ways to get noticed and build trust with people on the internet! Recently the new Google Hummingbird algorithm has been implemented for the express purpose of delivering better search […]

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3 Unspoken Benefits of Creating Content

Creating content for distribution is the backbone of how most businesses grow online and happens to be a very effective marketing strategy! Whether you blog or use static websites the need for useful information is critical in order to gain and hold the attention of others on the internet! The fact of the matter is […]

Why The Best Content Is Evergreen Content

The absolute best content internet marketers can use is NOT only something that contains useful information for the readers but also remains relevant over a long period of time! This is what is commonly called evergreen content and something internet marketers need to understand and create more of to get the best results for their […]