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Creating a Blog That Has Personality

When creating a blog you generally want to give it some personality.
Most popular blogs display a certain uniqueness that contributes to their popularity and helps make them stand out from the other blogs!
Read more to see 3 simple ways you can add ‘personality’ to any blogging platform increasing your distinctiveness and popularity!


3 Ways to Create a Community on Your Blog

Any blogger knows they need to create a community atmosphere or else visitors will not be compelled to return!
The fact of the matter is that most popular blogs have built their platforms off this sense of community!
Read further to see 3 ways in which you can develop the environment needed to become one of the best blogging sites in your niche!


Most Popular Blogs Avoid These 7 Mistakes 2

Most popular blogs have gained a steady and loyal following for doing certain things right while avoiding obvious errors as well.
When creating a blog to either make money or for personal reasons your site is useless unless people come to visit and view your postings.
Read on to see what it is you need ‘not’ to be doing when blog posting that will help you grow a large and loyal following!