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Creating a Blog for Income Requires a Specific Mindset

There’s much more to creating a blog than simply choosing a theme, adding some content and than posting your updates ‘live’ online! Yes traffic is needed as is plenty of content however if you do NOT know what your reasons to blog are, your site as well as yourself will […]

Creating a Blog for Income Requires a Specific Mindset

Creating a Blog That Has Personality

When creating a blog you generally want to give it some personality.
Most popular blogs display a certain uniqueness that contributes to their popularity and helps make them stand out from the other blogs!
Read more to see 3 simple ways you can add ‘personality’ to any blogging platform increasing your distinctiveness and popularity!

5 Stress Management Tips for Overworked Bloggers 1

Stress management tips can be very beneficial to any blogger due to the time and effort it takes to establish and maintain the site!
If you want your platform to make any kind of impact on the niche you are targeting you best have patience and plenty of it.
Read more to see 5 simple strategies for dealing with stress and discouragement when blogging to help you cope and remain productive.