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How Copy Writing and Blogging Share Similarities

Copy writing and blog posting can each be considered forms of content marketing since both are intended to influence readers to take a specified action! The overall success of either sales copy or blogging can be measured by how well they engage readers! It is the strategies both bloggers and copy writers use to engage […]

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Do You Have a Content Marketing Strategy???

As a blogger you’re heavily engaged in content marketing whether you’re aware of it or not! Without question your ability to develop content readers will find of interest is CRUCIAL,  however,  if you do not promote your blog, your writing efforts will go mostly unnoticed! That doesn’t make much sense, does it? Well let’s take […]

Content Marketing – Less Abrasive More Effective

Content marketing is one of the best ways to increase sales online and build a rock solid business foundation but it does take time. The key is that this sales strategy is very subtle and is based upon building trust and credibility with people FIRST in order to make your marketing efforts easier down the […]

Using Content Is One of the Best Ways to Increase Sales Online!

Content Distribution Should Involve Useful Information to Be Effective!

Who Benefits From Online Content Distribution?

Online content distribution is a very effective marketing strategy that continues to remain popular even as many other strategies tend to fall out of favor. Article or content marketing are basically synonymous being they both supply useful information to the always hungry search engines. When you stop and think about it, information is what the […]

Successful Content Marketing Involves 3 Requirements

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to advertise online because the benefits you experience are long term in nature.
By freely distributing useful information you are able to draw attention to your business and build trust and credibility with your readers.
Read on to see 3 requirements and/or expectations your content needs to meet to help build a solid reputation and business!