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How Copy Writing and Blogging Share Similarities

Copy writing and blog posting can each be considered forms of content marketing since both are intended to influence readers to take a specified action! The overall success of either sales copy or blogging can be measured by how well they engage readers! It is the strategies both bloggers and copy writers use to engage […]

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Blog Posting – Does Publishing Post Dates Really Matter?

Does your blog posting ‘routine’ involve showing the dates of publication to your readers? This question has many bloggers questioning the need or importance of whether to display publication dates when you post to your blog! Both the pros and cons of dating your entries offer interesting and even compelling reasons why published dates can […]

Is Your Blog Posting Frequency Killing Your Site?

Although there are many valid reasons to maintain a very frequent blog posting schedule it can work against you as well! There’s little doubt your readers would like to see more great content from you but do you have the time it really takes to develop content your readers will love? Remember, we’re all human, […]

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Blog Posting Frequency – The Debate Rages On

Does your blog posting schedule have you publishing updates weekly, daily or even multiple times a day? ¬†Obviously composing blogging updates your readers will enjoy is important but what about the frequency with which you update your site? Some bloggers firmly believe that posting more is better while others feel a ‘consistent’ schedule and quality […]