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3 Arguments for Disabling Blog Comments

Are blog comments something you look forward to moderating or do you feel they are holding you back from more important tasks? Blog commenting has long been considered a way to allow your readers to take a more active ‘role’ in the growth and development of your site! For the site administrator however this means […]

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To Any Blogger Who Wants to Get More Traffic!

Want to get more traffic by simply leaving comments on other blogs you have visited? Well most ‘long in the tooth’ aka ‘veteran’ bloggers are fully aware of the ‘power’ behind leaving well placed, timed and thought out blog comments on other blogs! By leaving a ‘trail’ of intriguing, informative and always ‘relevant’ blog comments you […]


Learn How to Use Blog Comments to Build Your Site!

Leveraging Blog Comments To Build Your Site

There is no denying the satisfaction one must feel when seeing blog comments left at their site! In part this is a ‘validation’ of the efforts you invest in the content development of any new updates you post! At least you know somebody is reading them and that you have ‘sparked’ their interest as evidenced […]

Leaving Blog Comments When Seeking Help!

Blog comments left by site visitors is something every platform administrator loves to see since it shows reader interest in the content!
Often times people post comments in the form of a question but not all these queries receive a response.
Read on to see what you need to consider when you leave a question at any blog to increase your chances of getting a response!