STOP Wasting Your Time Making Non-Essential Choices

Do you find yourself wasting your time fussing over what come be seen as insignificant choices each day! What we’re referring to here is how important it is to focus your energy on decisions that matter, I mean really matter, in terms of achieving goals or maximizing how you use your time! Some of the ‘little’ things or choices we concern ourselves on a daily basis, such as how to dress, responding to emails or social media posts or what to eat can actually cause what is called decision fatigue! This occurs when you literally exhaust your mind from making SO many choices leaving you less energy to help you make those really important decisions that matter! You want to get more done with how you use your time each day than start with eliminating needless choices that tend to slow your progress and undermine your productivity!

Here are 5 compelling reasons why you need to focus your energy on only those decisions that will help get you closer to achieving your goals!


HOW you use your time and focus your energy is even more important than how much time you have available! We’ve all heard of ‘staying busy’ so that you stay productive but how much are you really accomplishing? To really get more done with the time you invest you want to ONLY focus on making decisions that matter, things that will move you closer to your ultimate goals! Concerning yourself with what to eat, what to wear or anything else that contributes NOTHING to your productivity is not the way to achieve your goals! The fact is, the more choices you make, the more you ‘exhaust’ your mind which is NOT something you want to do when there are other more important decisions to make!


When you focus your energy on only important issues it therefore stands to reason your mind will be sharper for a longer period of time! Obviously this will help you get more done but the key here is by concentrating only on decisions that matter, what you are accomplishing is of more significance! Additionally, by using your energy ‘wisely’ you have more of it to dedicate to your personal life once your work is done! What good is putting in all those hours when you’re always finding yourself too exhausted to spend time with family or friends?


The biggest key to being productive is found in your focus and by eliminating distractions and focusing only on decisions that matter! As we spoke of briefly above, many people tend to ‘fool’ themselves into thinking their productive simply because they are staying busy! Well staying busy is good provided you’re working on tasks and/or issues that are important to the accomplishment of what you’re trying to achieve! Paying too much attention to unimportant decisions or matters will not only run your energy level down but will also result in wasting much of your time! I’m thinking time consuming and non-productive efforts is NOT how you want to reflect back on your day!


Being and staying productive really requires prioritizing what you need to do, and on a daily basis, and not putting these important issues on the back burner! You MUST be willing to dive right into your most important matters right away when your day starts! Sometimes the hardest part is addressing your priorities immediately because typically they offer you a challenge! Many like to get ‘warmed up’ first by checking email, social media or the news but guess what, that’s only procrastinating! Learning to set your priorities first so that you know where to focus your energy is a great start, but it is something you must do consistently if you truly want to get more done with your day! Set your targets so you know what to aim for and you’ll find your days to be more productive!

Stress Reducing

When you channel your energies toward only making decisions that matter and than take action on these decisions you’ll find a certain peace of mind! Any guilt from procrastinating or stress from running out of time is pretty much alleviated by your take charge and productive behavior! In fact the more you approach each day in this way, the more efficient you will become at what you’re doing which in turn will, once again, help you get more done, and with less stress! That works for me…

Wasting your time at the beginning of ANY day is NOT the way to be productive! Our discussion above about why you need to primarily focus your energy on only decisions that matter when starting your day is the best way to get more done! Having too many choices to make can actually be fatiguing so it makes sense to eliminate non-essential choices such as what to wear, eat or other decisions that will NOT help you reach your goals! In fact not only will you keep your mind sharper and well rested to do what you NEED for it to do , but you’ll also experience the other benefits discussed above! Remember, your mind can be overworked, so be more cognizant of how and where you focus your energy in terms of making decisions so your brain remains an asset to you all day long!


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