Stop Procrastinating and Reclaim Your Life

Do you find an ever-growing need to stop procrastinating because it is ‘stealing’ your life and destroying your productivity? Well you’re not alone because everybody tends to put things off, some folks more than others, and this is one nasty habit that can cause YOU much stress and unhappiness! Now I’ve just called procrastination a nasty habit, and for good reason, it is actually a behavior anybody can adopt, and since taking no action is so easy to do, it is also a habit that can be difficult to break! The fact is this one seemingly innocent behavior can change the course of your life and even hold you back from accomplishing more on both personal and professional levels! The good news is you have the ability to break this pattern of behavior, if you so choose, and it is not as difficult as you may expect!

Let’s now hear from the highly regarded personal development adviser, Brian Tracy, as he explains 3 easy steps you can take to control your urge to put things off thus allowing you to fully embrace life around you!


If you are feeling the need to stop procrastinating every time you’re face with a challenge or chore you don’t find appealing than you’re to be congratulated on identifying this need! Procrastination is a behavior you may have develop, for whatever reason, that tends to hold you back from being more productive or fully enjoying life around you because when you routinely put things off, you also increase your level of stress and dissatisfaction! The video above, featuring Brian Tracy, lays out a simple 3 step approach you can use every time you feel the urge to put things off! By breaking the process down into steps, as Brian suggests above, you can now approach each new challenge or chore not with reluctance but with much more confidence and enthusiasm!

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