Social Media Marketing – Trends to Watch Moving into 2015

Social media marketing has clearly evolved into one of the best ways to share your content and be seen online because quite frankly, this is where a large majority of internet users tend to hang out! Businesses both large and small can commonly be seen online marketing their goods and services on social sites, and with great success, so it stands to reason why this strategy is used extensively! Connecting with people through social media channels is much more personalized, engaging and entertaining which is why internet users typically flock to these sites! Cutting edge technology and changing user preferences however have now revealed some new trends pertaining to social marketing which reflect users preference towards imagery and mobility!

The brief video immediately following features our friend, the Happy Marketer herself, Marija Hamed discussing what she feels are the top 5 trends businesses of all sizes need to focus on to make 2015 an even more profitable year!

Social media marketing is a great way to both share your content and be seen online due to its popularity with internet users! Although these communities were originally intended for people to connect with one another in a casual atmosphere, entrepreneurs have found a way to use these channels for business purposes as well! The discussion above focuses on changing user preferences along with technological advancements that have created new trends that must be acknowledged and capitalized upon for continued business success in 2015! It’s all about the use of imagery and the growing preference of mobility based marketing when it comes to the most effective ways to share your content and be seen online going forward into 2015!


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