Recognizing Personal Strengths and Weaknesses Helps You Succeed Faster

Identifying your own personal strengths and weaknesses is crucial step for anyone looking to achieve success, in any just about any field! The reason for this is quite simple really since avoiding your weaknesses will help keep you from wasting your time in areas you have little or no expertise! By focusing on what you’re good at and delegating the rest you are allowing yourself to be more productive with your time! This is NOT to say completely ‘ignore’ your weaknesses but rather identify them so they don’t hold you back and assign or automate any duties with which you have little interest or expertise!

Let’s discuss below how avoiding your weaknesses will actually help you make faster progress and thus more quickly bring you the fruits of success!

Get More Done

Focusing on your strengths can be typically interpreted as meaning you are doing what you do best thus enabling you to be more productive! Taking on any tasks or challenges with which you have little expertise or knowledge can be frustrating as well as time consuming and this will only hold you back in terms of your overall productivity! As time goes on you can and will increase your skill set and knowledge in areas where you are currently weak but be patient and stay focused on what you do know, at least for now!

More Passion and Motivation

When you are good at something it also typically comes relatively easy to you which increases your passion and motivation to do it! Think about this for a second, who out there does NOT enjoy doing anything that they are good at? This is very much about remaining in your comfort zone WITHOUT fear of the unknown or the fear of failure simply because this is an area in which you excel! In fact the more you use existing skills the more you improve them and of course the easier they become to you making you even more passionate and motivated to continue using these skills!

Fewer Errors

Not only can your weaknesses hold you back from successfully completing a given task but you are also prone to making mistakes! What this means is you’ll need to ‘go back’ and correct any errors you’ve made, and although you may not be wasting your time making these corrections since you’re also learning something new, your progress slows significantly! On the other hand if you know what you’re doing, it stands to reason fewer errors will occur!

Learn to Delegate

Trying to manage or control ‘everything’ will certainly slow you down or hold you back! Lacking skills, expertise or a certain efficiency to complete a task or function makes it difficult to properly manage anything to a successful and timely conclusion! Quite simply you are holding up progress and slowing down others who are expecting help and guidance and NOT having to deal with someone who is unfamiliar with how do get the job done in the most efficient and productive manner! If you do not know what you’re doing you’ll only be in the way, so step aside and let those with the acquired knowledge and/or skills take over!

Less Frustration

Extreme or continuous frustration leads to discouragement, self-doubt and even worse, you giving up and walking away! The one thing that encourages us all is to see we’re making progress while also improving our skills! On the other hand, however, when you put your efforts into something and get little done other than ‘creating’ new mistakes to fix, it makes you feel like you’re wasting your time, so why even bother? This is a very dangerous mindset that puts people on a slippery slope making them vulnerable, decreasing their commitment and confidence and thus many times leading them to quit and walk away! When you focus on your strengths, your results are better, your mistakes are fewer and your resolve is stronger decreasing the chances you may consider quitting!

Being familiar with your personal strengths and weaknesses gives you a much better assessment of your own abilities! This is important because it helps you recognize what you’re good at so that you will focus on these strengths and be more productive! As discussed above, by avoiding those things you are NOT so good and delegating them out to others keeps you from wasting your time and/or making errors that set you back! The point is if you lack either the interest or skills in a certain area, don’t let that hold you back but instead focus on your strengths to get more done leaving others to focus on the areas in which you DON’T excel!


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