Reading Is The Key to Success – 13 Reasons Why

Reading is the key to success! That’s right, the need to read goes much further than simply following a story line or picking up a few facts from news reports or school books! The act of reading alone offers some compelling benefits which anybody can enjoy and put to good use! Whether you’re a stay at home mom, the CEO of a large firm or an internet entrepreneur, reading stimulates your mind (unlike TV) and helps improve your personal performance, in many areas! Even if you’re looking for inspiration, for whatever reason, the act of reading can supply you with that as well!

Let’s now immerse ourselves into 13 FANTASTIC reasons as to why we all have the need to read and how it makes you more successful in life!


I don’t know about you but when I settle down with a good book I always have a dictionary close by for reference! It doesn’t seem to matter what you’re reading, if you spend enough time with any type of book, it will eventually ‘challenge’ you with a word that’s unfamiliar to you! Of course with a dictionary close by, that word doesn’t stay unfamiliar for too long and with each new word I look up, I increase my vocabulary!


It almost doesn’t matter what type of reading material you’re viewing, there tends to be something ‘educational’ in just about everything you may read! Whether your topic selection is self-help, fiction, biographies, history or some other subject matter, books are published to entertain and/or inform! Now our society is going through an ‘upheaval’ of sorts because reading material is now being distributed on all types of electronic devices, but the fact remains, it is a great source from which to learn! If you’re someone who works online, the need to read is even greater because this is the only way to stay current in such a fluid and dynamic environment!

Boosts Self-Esteem

The more you learn the better and more confident you feel about yourself and your place in the world! Being educated and informed helps you understand the people and environment that surrounds you much better! Simply knowing what to expect or even why to expect it minimizes your fear of the unknown giving you the feeling that with this understanding, the only thing that can stop you is your own self! Whether you’re with family, friends or simply in some type of social setting, the knowledge you’ve accumulated gives you the confidence to interact with just about anybody!

Improves Focus

For you or anybody to understand or comprehend what it is you’re reading you must focus! Most avid readers are aware that finding a ‘quiet’ place where they can curl up with a good book is essential to getting the most out of their reading experience! Remember, reading is an ‘act’ that requires your full attention in order for you to fully understand the written text you’re viewing! You are seeing words put together in a sentence in an effort to convey particular point or message! You must first understand the meaning of the individual words used and then put them all together to understand the sentence itself! Without focus, this can be difficult but on the other hand, focus is something you get better at the more you do it, it is a learned skill, so every time you read something, you’re also getting better at focusing!


Whether you’re a writer, artist, stay at home mom or business person, when you’re looking for inspiration, it can usually be found in a book! Books are literally loaded with ideas and thoughts that can boost your creativity or mood! Reading stimulates your mind with new ideas, philosophies, strategies or tips that you can apply in your own life so pick up a book the next time you’re looking for inspiration! This is particularly true for people such as content marketers or other writers suffering from writer’s block!

Mind Stimulus

As mentioned above the mind like the body needs to be exercised to ‘remain’ in good working order and when you read something that’s what happens! Since reading is mostly a cognitive ‘act’ because you must understand what words mean as well as the message found in each sentence, it only stands to reason that it stimulates your mind! It is very easy to ‘get lost’ in your own world when deeply immersed in a book and this is because you’re very focused as well as stimulated (hopefully) by what it is you’re reading!

Boosts Memory

With so much to remember such as plots, sub-plots, characters, backgrounds, facts, figures or even where you left off, the act of reading helps strengthen your short term memory! In fact, reading helps create new brain paths thereby enhancing your ability to remember things and who won’t benefit from something like that? It can be said that another reason you have the need to read is to boost your memory, so don’t forget that:-)

Improves Writing

How better to improve your own writing than to read the ‘written’ words of others! If what you’re reading is well written, look at how other writers express themselves or transition from one thought process to another! Do they use a lot of words or words that are difficult to understand? Probably not because they want their text to be understood by the masses (in most cases) and this is a valuable takeaway for you! The simple fact is if you want to get better at something, look to those who have already done what you’re trying to do and learn from them!


Tonight after I’ve finished my work, I plan on digging into a novel by a writer that was recommended to me! For me, that’s very relaxing as well as entertaining! When you pick up a book that stimulates your mind you become both engaged and entertained! Reading is much like watching television EXCEPT the TV ‘tells’ you what going on and what you can expect, it literally takes your mind and directs it (with images) to where it wants it to be! When you read something, however, it is up to you to interpret what you’ve read and invoked the use of your imagination so you can mentally develop an image of what the book describes! TV is not as stimulating which is why many people use this device to help them fall asleep, enough said! Having a good book to read however is one of the best ‘escapes’ from the world we live in because it engages many of our senses to the point that the world around you tends to fade away!

Reading Is The Key to Success – 13 Reasons Why

Stress Relief

As we spoke of immediately above when you get involved with a really good read, the world around you tends to fade away! Reading is a great escape from life issues that cause you stress by engaging you in the content you’re viewing thereby thoroughly occupying your mind! Sometimes it is simply the storyline that engages you but when you’re learning something new and/or interesting the same effect can be expected! Quite simply, if it stimulates your mind, the material you’re reading will likely also separate you from the physical world around you helping you forget or tune out other stress related issues!


Sometimes it is the content itself that can put you at peace! The tranquility you experience when reading certain types of content such as self-help or spiritual is priceless! On the other hand, as spoken of earlier, to really focus on what you’re reading it is best to find a peaceful environment that offers little or no distractions! Simply placing yourself in such an environment also removes you from other people and we all know how volatile and loud others can be! So if you’re looking for a little peace and tranquility in your world you have the need to read!

Improves Creativity

Looking for inspiration or ideas? Then you MUST remove yourself from any surroundings which will place a ‘demand’ on your attention or require your active involvement! Allowing your mind to focus and find a peaceful state enhances your ability to be more creative! Reading can do that and more! Absorbing some really good content usually stimulates your mind and once this happens this is when the creative genius in you awakens! Not only that but the content you’re engaged in often times is offering it own ideas as well which you can take and modify if need be to fit your own needs! The point here is, however, you need a distraction free environment and some mental stimulation to generate and cultivate your creativity, and reading does just that!

Improves Sleep

Taking in a good book, as enjoyable as that may be, can also make you sleepy since you’re exercising your mind which can fatigue you as well! Additionally, you do not need bright lights to read, which is good because a lot of light can actually send signals to the brain that it’s time to awaken! Many get caught up with watching TV or even working on their computer until they are ready for bed and this ONLY makes it more difficult to sleep!

The claim that reading is the key to success is NOT an outlandish one but rather a statement back by the 13 reasons discussed above! Every time you read something, it stimulates your mind in a way to help you comprehend what it is you’re reading or have read! The need to read goes even beyond the simple act of doing so, it is something that makes us think, stimulates our imagination or even helps us gather new ideas when looking for inspiration to do so! Hell, if nothing more it is a great source of entertainment as well, provided you can pull yourself away from your computer or TV to crack open a book! The bottom line is even though reading is more commonly associated with learning, it offers other ways to make us perform better and allows us to (temporarily) escape the daily rigors of our lives!


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