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As an online marketing strategy publishing content offers great flexibility concerning the use of a single piece of content. This particular method for marketing on the internet can be fairly labor intensive and that can be a drawback to some people. However if you are creative enough you can easily find multiple applications for the same piece of quality content. Useful information is always in demand on the internet. Assuming the content you produce is of good quality using content like this in multiple ways is a very efficient use of a one time effort.

Let’s examine 7 different ways to put to work a single piece of content thus demonstrating the flexibility this particular online marketing strategy offers.


Article distribution is one of the ‘oldest’ and most reliable methods for generating traffic on the internet. Submitting properly formatted and optimized content to article directories can significantly increase your online exposure. You can also automate your article writing and distribution saving you much time and labor!

Info Products

Taking several pieces of content and putting them together in a cohesive fashion can give you an information product that you can sell or giveaway.


Online ‘magazines’ are a great item to offer to people visiting your website or blog. By having visitors subscribe to your ezine you are now able to build a list of people to whom you can promote to into the future.

News Letters

Along the same lines as an ezine newsletters are another great item you can use to not only increase your credibility but also your list. Offering a free subscription at any of your sites is a great way to entice people to leave their contact information.

Blog Post

A good piece of content containing useful information relative to the theme of your blog makes for a terrific post to your site.

Press Releasesusing content gives you many options

A very effective way to catch the eye of anyone surfing the net is a press release. It ‘announces’ your business or any new developments and is a very good way for using content that has recently been developed.

Website Content

Need to ‘freshen’ up an otherwise stagnant website? Once again using content you have developed that contains a high degree of relevancy to the theme of the website is another great application.

Publishing content as a marketing strategy online can be labor intensive however it does offer considerable flexibility for how the content is used. There are several ways to utilize useful information for marketing on the internet. The 7 examples for using content that we reviewed above can easily and effectively expand your online exposure if implemented correctly. By ‘working smarter and not harder’ you can maximize the use of your content development efforts to promote any online objectives you may have.

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