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If you have ever noticed the most popular blogs on the internet all have something in common; the basic layout of the site itself. When first creating a blog thought should go into what the visitor will see when they land on your blog. Will they be hit with all kinds of crazy graphics, bright colors or content that is difficult to read? If you answered yes you can likely kiss them goodbye after a short visit.

Let’s look at a basis outline you can use when creating a blog to make it more user friendly for your visitors.


Be sure the theme you select is consistent with or not in contrast to the niche you are working in. You don’t want to confuse, frustrate or turn away visitors due to an inconsistency here.

About You

Your readers quite naturally are probably curious about the author of the content they are reading. Make a short and relevant bio about yourself available to them Give some insight as to who you are, your experiences as they pertain to the niche, and why you are blogging.

Your Contact Information

When creating a blog remember to also make available a way for the reader to contact you if they so desire. Some people put in their phone number but I find that an email will suffice just as well.

Easy Access to All Your Posts

By all means have a way for your visitors to view other posts of yours if they are so incline. Many folks will like what they read and want to be able to review other entries as well. Make your archives available and categorize them if you can to make your post easier to locate.

Avoid Eye ‘Tearing’ Colors

Speaking from personal preference and experience try to moderate the color scheme you use on your site. The brighter the colors the more strain it puts on the eyes. Although the colors may look ‘cool’ the eyes will stress quicker by viewing them. This applies to graphics, fonts and background colors.

Even your font selection can create eye strain. Studies have shown that Times Roman Numeral, Georgia and Ariel fonts are the easiest on the eyes so stick with them when you can.

As you can probably understand most popular blogs cater to their visitors by creating a blog that is easier for them to view and navigate. Being the visual appearance of the site itself is the first thing viewers will notice it is important to make it as appealing as possible. By following the simple 5 step outline above you can increase the appeal of your own site. This is always a wise first step if you aspire to have one of the more popular blogs in your niche, and who doesn’t!

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