Marketing Your Business ‘Socially’ Online

When marketing your business online it is vitally important to present a positive image to help you build your brand and gain the trust of others! Having a social media campaign is one of the most highly used and accepted ways to build traffic for any business provided it is consistent with the image and brand you want to reinforce! Having said that many marketers feel they’ve got a ‘handle’ on how to effectively use social sites for business purposes however their results say something quite the opposite! Does your social media campaign help or hinder your business building efforts?

Let’s now address what is considered the best way to leverage social media so that you do NOT sabotage your online marketing efforts!

Keeping it Professional on Social Media

If you and some of your colleagues find yourselves at a conference that openly encourages Twitter interaction, all of you need to follow proper etiquette (Twitiquette?) … Above all, always be discreet. Place yourself in the situation of this individual, and understand that everyone has a right to freedom of expression. If you can’t overlook it, unfollow, but don’t block, this individual. If you are questioned about it, just say that you felt it would be better to keep all relationships …

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Having a better understanding of using the proper etiquette for business purposes on Twitter should help keep you looking professional! Now you’ll want to identify and resolve these 6 common strategic oversights many tend to make when using social media for professional reasons!

Social Media ROI: What You’re Doing Wrong Mon, 24 Aug 2015 05:30:55 -0700

When it comes to social media ROI, you’ve got to connect the dots, says Gary Vaynerchuk, business builder and owner of VaynerMedia. To understand the … Here are six things you’re doing that hurts your social media ROI: …

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So you may think we’ve covered just about every mistake you can make when using social sites for business purposes? Not quite! The following video reviews 6 common yet subtle blunders people tend to make that will likely do you more harm than good within any of the many online social communities!


Marketing your business ‘socially’ tends to be a bit more involved than one would think since attention MUST be paid to what type of impression you leave with others! Always remember an effective social media campaign can also help you build your brand however your words and actions must be consistent with the image or brand you want to establish! When engaging others in any social community it is very easy to ‘let your hair down’ being these communities are based upon being friendly and intriguing but you must NOT lose site of the brand you represent or the impressions you make! The discussions and video above point out some very common yet subtle mistakes business entrepreneurs may make when implementing any social media campaign so that you can identify and avoid them! Marketing anything on social sites can be loads of fun and highly effective provided you do not lose sight of the need to maintain a professional and positive image consistent with the brand you want to build!


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