Locking Down Your Personal Brand Like Donald Trump

Having a personal brand will make you stand out whether you are marketing your business or promoting a cause! The recent presidential campaign held here in the United States is a perfect example of how Donald Trump methodically approaches brand building and his lessons are NOT to be ignored! Whether you’re running for political office or marketing your business online one thing is for sure, the competition is fierce so you must take steps to rise above the crowd and be noticed!

Building your own image or brand will help you stand out among the competition and Donald Trump, like him or not, has done a good job of demonstrating what works best when it comes to brand building!

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The Donald has shown us ‘how’ to establish a brand that represents YOU and the keynotes of his strategy are simply consistency and repetition! Now the following video featuring Amy Schmittauer takes you through the process of ‘defining’ the brand that best reflects you or your interests!

Establishing a personal brand is one of the best strategies you can follow when marketing your business or campaigning for public office to help make yourself stand out more from your competition! The recent presidential race witnessed Donald Trump demonstrating how he reinforces and establishes his brand which obviously was very effective if you consider the election results! Although brand building may seem to be a tedious and boring task, it seems to be the only way to call attention to yourself or your cause, especially when the competition is extensive and relentless! For the lessons shared with us above on brand building we thank both Donald and Amy for their contributions above!


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