Kim Kardashian, Guns and Social Media

Although Kim Kardashian can attribute a lot of her ‘success’ to her social media use, she has also learned a very valuable and expensive lesson as well! Her recent experience over in Paris, where she was robbed at gunpoint, can likely also be attributed to her liberal social media use! Now it’s is understandable when posting to social media accounts that you may not feel overly cautious about who sees what you’ve posted because, C’MON these are your ‘friends’ but as experience has taught us, are they really? As you tend to gain more followers, which is the sole intent of most people, you become more comfortable with them and before you know it you regard them as friends you can trust! Well ‘Kimmy’ and her recent experience has once again demonstrated the dangers of sharing your personal information with virtual strangers you know little or nothing about!

For a little more detail about how Kardashian’s social media use really got her in hot water, and how it can easily happen to you, check out the following short video!


Many feel that Kim Kardashian could have unintentionally ‘set herself up’ to be robbed at gunpoint by her frequent and liberal social media use! Sharing your personal information over the internet is NEVER a good idea and Kimmy’s dilemma acts as a stark reminder to what can happen when you do so! This is NOT to suggest that you refrain from using social channels altogether but rather that you exercise more caution with what you communicate and to whom! Although social media accounts may ‘label’ your followers as ‘friends’ you must stop and realize these are people you know little or nothing about and that their intentions may not be in your best interests! It would seem that Kardashian was fortunate that she only lost some valuables but the lesson she learned was of even greater value than anything she lost during the robbery! Don’t let your own social media use put you in a similar situation!


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