Is Guest Blogging the Right Choice For You?

It appears that guest blogging has ‘survived’ (for now) all the changes that have come from Google in the last year or so! Having Is Guest Blogging the Right Choice For You?another blogger allow you to submit a guest post on their site has proven to be a very strategic way of presenting yourself to another audience to get more exposure for your own site! Not everybody however, is a fan of using this strategy to get more traffic for themselves however for those who are in favor, the benefits tend to be worth it!

Let’s explore a little further why some may be receptive to getting more exposure by posting content on another bloggers site while others feel it’s not worth their time!

THE GOOD (hooray):


No matter what algorithm changes may occur with Google the simple fact is when you leave a link on another site, you’ve left the ‘door open’ for people to visit yours! This is what occurs when you submit a guest post that contains ‘your’ link found in the author’s bio at the end of your post! It’s all about how to get more traffic to visit your own blog and this tactic works very well for just that! You have placed yourself in front of another audience, that of the host blogger, which helps give you more exposure and hopefully more new visitors!

Additional Exposure

Of course if readers are really impressed with what you’ve created, they will share your link with others giving you even more exposure and traffic! This is what makes this strategy worth the effort, the viral effect you can receive from another audience that INCREASES your ‘network’ of people referring others back to the content you’ve posted!

New Readers

With having new readers you now have additional feedback you can use as a source for your next great post! There is a saying that goes ‘a network saves legwork’ and this is so true especially online when you can use the referrals of satisfied readers to help get more traffic to your site! It also doesn’t hurt to know your readership is growing since this helps to keep you motivated which is critical for anyone blogging online!

THE BAD (ugh):

Writing Content for Others

Guest bloggers are usually offered the ‘opportunity’ to post entries by offering up their best quality content! Why would you want to put your ‘best’ efforts in terms of content on the site of another blogger when your site can benefit more directly? You literally must ‘compete’ with others to submit a guest post on many blogs, so is it really worth the effort just to showcase your best work on a site other than your own? Your call…

The ‘Threat’ of Spam

The more you circulate your links the greater the chance your own blog will be spammed but the trade-off is getting more exposure! Once again, is the threat of additional spam on your site worth all the effort just to get more traffic! Make no mistake spam is a pain and it can also hurt your search rankings, so if this is something you want to avoid, perhaps this strategy is NOT for you!

Neglecting Your Own Blog

Building a truly successful blog requires a constant effort on your part, so why divert your efforts to supply really good content for someone else? Yes it’s true you do receive more exposure and even (hopefully) new readers, however wouldn’t your blog benefit more by having additional quality content posted to it? Not to be selfish but it seems a shame that some of the best content you’ve created is not even located on your own blogging platform! For many this can be a major issue and the reason why they may be reluctant to submit a guest post on other blogs!

Guest blogging has NOT been overlooked or ignored as a great way to get more traffic by putting your ‘own’ content in front of a different audience! When Google indicated their ‘lack of support’ for this strategy due to all the spammy content being posted, many bloggers took heed while others had their own reasons for rejecting this tactic! Our discussion above highlights both the benefits as well as the drawbacks involved for anyone choosing to submit a guest post for the sake of getting more exposure! Although Google does have a point about the ‘garbage’ left on various blogs due to this strategy, the benefits themselves are hard to deny or resist! In the end it’s a personal choice only the individual can make, it’s simply a matter of whether the pros outweigh the cons for your particular needs!

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