Improving Your Decision Making Ability By Overcoming Your Biases

As an business blogger your decision making ability will constantly be put to the test due to the dynamic nature of the internet environment! The choice of which niche you will work, which products you will promote or simply which strategies you will use all need to be made and the ‘quality’ of these choices will directly impact your chances of success! Did you know however that most people, you and I as well, allow certain biases to influence how we make choices and that certain beliefs we based our decisions on are NOT always accurate thus leading to wrong choices being made? Well it’s true and this is something we must be more aware of especially when making business decisions due to the plain and simple fact that bad choices can also be very EXPENSIVE choices as well!

To gain a clearer understanding of how our personal biases can actually minimize our chances of success when making a decision, and what we can do about it check out the following brief video!


Understanding how personal beliefs can negatively and sub-consciously influence your decision making ability is the first step towards taking the appropriate measures to prevent this from happening! As the video above has clearly explained, we all possess certain ‘biases’ that alter our perceptions thus making business decisions even more difficult than they need to be, but to be forewarned is to be forearmed! The bottom line is this, we’re all human and prone to making mistakes however whenever we can uncover weaknesses that can sabotage our chances of success, in any field, we are thus more able to address and correct them! The next time you’re making business decisions or any other type of choices for that matter, objectively look at what your internal beliefs are telling you to determine if they will help or hurt you in terms of the choices you’re making! Always keep it real…

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