Improve Your Writing By Saying More with Less

As a blogger, copywriter or social media participant there are simple ways you can improve your writing with a minimalist approach that will help make your copy or posts easy to understand! By saying more with the use of less words people are more incline to read what you wrote which is the whole point behind creating and publishing content online, would you agree? For bloggers or copywriters it is essential to keep your wording minimal when making your point! The last thing you want is for readers to leave the page before they’ve allowed you to communicate your intended message!

If you use content to communicate any type of messages online here are some fantastic tips you can use, starting today, to make what you wrote easy to understand and more likely to be read by others!

Say More With Less

Say More With Less. As resident copywriter for Media Vision Advertising I am often given the task of taking content from our clients and reworking it for use across various forms of media. The fun part of it is that my research …

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Whether you’re writing sales copy or a blog post you always want to keep your readers attention! Keeping your words to a minimum is a great start but there is still more you can do! Let’s hear from Julie Broad in the brief video below to see how you can become a better writer by making your message or point clear and simple…


If you use the internet for business or to interact with others on social media there are ways to improve your writing that will make your copy or posts easy to understand! By using less words to communicate your message people will find your content less ‘intimidating’ because there’s less text for them to view increasing the odds that folks will read what you wrote which is the point of publishing anything online to begin with! Although most people who are active online do NOT have extensive experience when it comes to writing, the tips offered above can make you look more like a seasoned professional thus allowing you to get better results for your efforts!

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