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Learning how to write an article when our creative juices are flowing serves only to make the writing process easier and more productive. It is common for many to become frustrated when writing articles since it seems to take so much time and effort. We often wonder what the heck happened to all those great writing ideas we had earlier. Why does it NOW take so much time and effort to get those thoughts to freely flow as they once had?

Well have you considered that you may be asking your creative mind to produce when perhaps it may not be at its best?

Here are 3 factors that work against your ability to produce on paper any creative writing ideas you may have had earlier.


Your mind is not any different than your body insofar as how it reacts to fatigue. Like in manual labor or competitive sports you can not expect your body to maintain the same level of stamina through extended periods of time. Well along the same lines your mind also is at its best when well rested.

When writing articles you want to take advantage of a well rested mind and for most this time would be upon waking from a nights sleep. As the day grows older your mind and body become more tired and their abilities to function at an optimal level begins to diminish. If avoiding the fatigue altogether while increasing your output and saving time is of interest to you Click Here!

Creative Focus

Another factor that affects your ability to churn out any creative writing ideas you may have developed is your own preoccupation with other matters. As the day progresses things occur that need your attention. Now not everything is going to require your immediate attention however you will need to take note and ‘schedule’ a time to address certain issues.

At this point you begin to ‘accumulate’ matters of the day in your mind. It is then quite natural to subconsciously begin to organize how you are going to address these matters and when.

Your focus is now divided thereby making your writing efforts more difficult.


Throughout the course of the day as things ‘happen’ or events surface that will require attention you are also becoming more fatigued. This eventually leads to a build up of pressure or stress within you system. This stress accelerates your growing fatigue and now your ability to focus is being severely challenged.

Your clear pattern of thought you had earlier in the day has now faded into a distant memory. This results in even a greater challenge to your writing abilities.

Learning how to write an article while your mind is well rested and better prepared to spew out any writing ideas you had earlier will help boost your productivity. In addition the quality of your work will benefit and the writing process will flow more easily. Writing articles can be very frustrating if you spend a lot of your time just staring at a blank screen. By paying more attention to your energy level and how preoccupied your mind may be you can better optimize your writing efforts. Scheduling your time accordingly will serve to better allow you to tap into any creative writing ideas you may have. The end result will be less frustration and time spent at a blank screen and more articles to publish.


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