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Learning how to write an article for online promotional purposes is important for anymore wanting targeted traffic for their business. Writing articles may involve more labor than other methods of advertising but nothing is more effective. When you have published articles circulating around on the internet it helps to build credibility for you the author and traffic for your business. When you write an article however there are certain things you must do to make sure your efforts are effective.

Here are the 3 most important components to focus on when writing articles for promotional purposes in order for them to generate the traffic you want.

Engage Your Reader

Starting with your headline you want it to capture the attention of the reader you are targeting. Based upon what it may be that you are promoting you should already have established the ‘typical’ profile of the customer you are trying to attract. With this information you should know their ‘trigger points’ and this will be what your headline will target. Of course when you write an article you want the content to be useful, entertaining and relevant to the market or person you are targeting.

The point here is to capture and maintain the attention of your reader. Useful Information works best to accomplish this objective!

Proper Keyword Use

By researching and selecting the proper keywords, those most relevant to your content, you need to place them in both the headline and the body of the article itself. By doing so you are in affect helping the search engines find your article so they can ‘assist’ you in showing it to the right people. With the right selection and placement of keywords you put yourself in a prime position to rank high in the search results. This in turn will bring more search engine traffic to your site, can you say free and targeted?

Effective Resource Box

The resource box is the only place you can tell the reader a little about yourself and the business or product(s) you are selling. A short bio about yourself, a brief snippet about your business and 2 to 3 links to your site or sites of interest are all that should be included.

Limit your own bio to no more than 2 sentences focusing only on information that may be relevant to the business you are in. Your business ‘description’ should be enticing enough for the reader to want to learn more. When you place your links in the resource box you will get your best results using the primary keyword from your article as your anchor text. This text will be the highlighted word or words which readers will click to visit your site.

On additional note here is be sure to also use your primary keyword in the headline/title of the article.

Knowing how to write an article to generate targeted traffic is one of the best ways to grow your business online. When you have published articles circulating the internet this helps to build your own personal credibility and creates a flow of traffic to your website. By keeping in mind the 3 key components we spoke of above when you write an article your results will likely see an increase in the traffic to your site.


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