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If you blog and also write articles for promotional purposes is it sometimes difficult for you to figure out how to write an article after composing blog entries all day. Do your ‘creative’ juices seem to run dry after a few hours of blog posting thus leaving you on ’empty’ when you sit down to writes articles? If that is the case you are not alone.

The need for frequent blog posting is necessary in order to maintain fresh quality content on your site to satisfy your readers. On the other hand, time and energy is also need to find useful information upon which you can base your article writing? The question here is can both these tasks be done in less time and with less effort? My answer is yes!

Today we are going to discuss 3 ways in which you can quickly ‘dissect’ your blog post into a more workable and reusable format for article writing.

Outline the Main Ideas of Your Post

Take an old post and determine what its main point(s) are and make note of them. Assemble your notes in the order in which you intend to present them and arrange them into a format that is appealing and makes sense.

For the purpose of article writing the use of bullet points, numbering or sub-titles is popular and easy for the reader to follow.

Discard Rewording

Avoid the temptation of trying to simply ‘reword’ the old post since this approach could likely get you caught up in duplicating the content. Another drawback here in this approach is that it actually takes more time and effort to ‘rethink’ words and phrases. Do not bother yourself by attempting this and instead simply stick with your ‘outline’ since that will be all you need.

Write from Your Outline

After choosing the format in which you intend to present your article simply go back to your outline and with a fresh approach, quickly make or explain your points. You will find there will be no need to refer back to the content of the post itself since all the points you will be making will come straight from your thought process. This will take less time and make your efforts easier than if you were trying to ‘rethink’ or ‘rewrite’ words or phrases.

Now you will have fresh quality content for your article without duplicating your blog post.

Learning how to write an article based upon an old blog post can save you much time and effort. Frequently composing blog entries is a necessity for maintaining a healthy base of readers. This continuous flow of quality content used on your blog can also be converted into useful information upon which you can base your article writing. Streamlining your efforts in this way can free up time for you to devote to other areas of your business or life. That choice is yours!


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