How to Generate Traffic Without Being an SEO Expert

Learning how to generate traffic online is a MUST if you engage in any type of business or cause! One of the most popular and effective ways to get more exposure so that your cause or promotional pitches can be seen online is through search engine optimization! The drawback to this approach is seo requires a bit of technical know-how as well as this process can be time-consuming! Today we’re going to focus on tips and tactics you can use that don’t require a lot of knowledge pertaining to the field of search engine optimization in order for you to get the traffic you want!

Let’s start out by discussing some very effective off page seo tactics you can employ to get more exposure for you or your business WITHOUT immersing yourself into the confusing ever-changing world of online seo!

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Getting visitors to your site is the name of the game for anyone with an online presence and above we spoke of various ways to generate traffic by using off page (non-technical) tactics! Below is a discussion about how many ‘experts’ from across the web utilize various seo tools to increase their visibility and traffic along with a few additional tips to make your efforts more effective!

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The same goes for SEO tools also. ….. I use a combination of different tools, included JustRetweet, ViralContentBuzz and Triberr, …… and updating old evergreen content can be m…

Still looking for more ways to rank higher in search engine results and thus receive more traffic WITHOUT fussing with seo or social media? The following video from Brian Dean discusses a unique strategy he calls the CTR Magnet Method that focuses on increasing your click thru rate to quickly boost both your search engine ranking and traffic!

Having learned how to generate traffic without always relying upon your ability to properly optimize your content and site for the search engines will free up a lot of your time while minimizing your frustrations! Now don’t get me wrong, search engine traffic is free and highly targeted as well as a terrific way to get more exposure, but as we discussed above seo is NOT the only way to get your business or product offers to be seen online! The information shared here today hopefully serves to increase the number of strategies you can use to get more exposure, traffic and sales without having to navigate the technical and often confusing world of seo!


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