How to Create Content with Lightening Speed

Being able to create content rapidly and consistently is something every blogger must be able to do whether it is for updating your blog, marketing your business or posting to social media. The problem most of us have however is we tend to jump from one task to the next before completing any of them and ‘multi-tasking’ in this way slows our overall progress due to the continual shift in our focus! Transitioning from one task to the next requires additional effort because our focus needs to be reset, and the time it takes to do so is referred to as the cognitive switching penalty! Having said that it stands to reason that if we didn’t tend to shift our focus as much, as content creators we would be able to get more done and in less time!

The following video featuring Ben Adkins offers you some simple tips that will help you maintain your focus while also increasing the rate at which you churn out content for your online needs!


In order to create content rapidly it is critical to remain focused on the creation process itself or you will fall victim to what is called the cognitive switching penalty! This penalty refers to the extra time and effort it takes to ‘switch’ your focus from one task to the next which commonly occurs when multi-tasking! The video above explains how to neutralize this penalty by batching your tasks which is to say maintaining your focus and energies on ONLY one thing at a time! With focus like this you will actually be able to get more done and in less time due to the fact that your concentration is NOT being constantly disrupted by switching from one task to another! Thanks Ben for such a simple yet powerful piece of advice!


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