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Regardless of the quality of any information published to the internet if it is not formatted for easy reading many people will not view it. Computer eye strain is commonly experienced by anybody who spends any time reading articles or any other types of content online. The glare of the screen alone presents a major assault on the eyes but there are other contributing factors as well. For anybody using content online attention should be paid to 5 key areas when writing composition to help minimize computer eye strain on readers. By doing so you increase the chances of people reading what you composed instead of them skipping over it due to the reading difficulties it may present.

Keep Margins Narrow

The first thing you want to do is maintain narrow margins on the page and this means on the sides and the top and bottom as well. People do not want to view a page jam packed with words because this is intimidating to the point they may leave the page without even viewing it. In addition having to scan a page from margin to margin induces much visual stress on the reader. Having ample space on every page where there is nothing to focus on allows folks to ‘rest’ their eyes. By doing so and taking a little extra time to prepare your margins in this way you can better serve your readers insofar as their level of visual comfort is concerned!

Font Size

Maintain a comfortable font size in all your content since obviously the smaller the print the greater the visual strain is going to be. It is generally recommended to keep your fonts set at either 12 or 14 since this seems to make for the most comfortable viewing.

Font Selection

On the subject of fonts shy away from the really artistic looking one being they tend to be hard to read. Yeah they do look cool but you do want your content read so avoid the temptation. The most acceptable selections for reading purposes would be Times New Roman, Arial and Georgia. They may not be as stylish but they do the trick!

Background Colors

Keep it white or light but actually light as in tan or cream may be best since even white can tend to be too bright. Too many rhymes? Unintentional I assure you! But the point is staring at a computer screen can magnify the effects of such colors causing eyestrain.


The use of graphics when writing composition is sometimes effective since it helps people ‘visualize’ a little bit better. On the other hand do not over do it in this area since it will make the page seem too ‘busy’ and also try to avoid too many bright or loud colors no matter how cool they look!

When composing any type of content to be presented online you need to be sure it is formatted for easy reading due to the common occurrence of computer eye strain. Although not much can be done about the glare of the screen itself there are certain measures you can take when writing composition to help minimize any stress on the eyes. For people using content regularly online this is a special concern since you do want folks to read what you have composed, right? The 5 key areas a writer wants to address to help decrease any visual stress of their readers are discussed above and simple to implement. By doing so people reading articles or any other type of content you may have composed can do so more comfortably.

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