Do You Need to Post to Your Blog Frequently?

When you post to your blog it is typical to feel as if you’ve just accomplished something, and you have! You’ve given your visitors new content to view and what they read is the results of your own creativity and research, so you should be proud! Creating content can be time consuming however and the better the content the more time it typically takes to create it, which of course directly impacts your posting frequency, especially when you work alone! The question is are you ‘compelled’ to maintain your posting frequency at a high level because you believe it will give you more exposure or are you comfortable with just consistently posting updates at a rate you can manage comfortably? To post or not to post frequently is the question we’re addressing here today!

Let’s now enter into a discussion about factors you’ll want to consider to determine what your posting frequency should be and why blogging less may be the right fit for you!

5 Simple Steps That’ll Help You Determine How Often You Need to …

Learn how I grew my blog traffic by 51% in 3 months by blogging less frequently. … So, I experimented with publishing 2 blog posts/week instead of 1/week.

Thank you Neil for showing us how to better determine how often we need to post to our blogs! This helps bloggers everywhere to give them a better ‘handle’ on what to consider when setting up a posting schedule! Although ultimately the choice is left up to the individual, the ‘parameters’ discussed above lend more clarity to what you need to consider insofar as to whether you should post frequently…or not! The following discussion below offers some interesting as well as compelling insights into why you need to blog less!

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Well it seems the Smartblogger (above) certainly has presented a strong case for posting to your blog less frequently! For those of you who dread frequently creating fresh content, rejoice! The video immediately following below now discusses why ‘quality’ is better than ‘quantity’ in terms of creating and publishing content for your followers! One important point to remember here however is that creating quality posts STILL takes time and research…just a reminder!

Every time you post to your blog represents yet another investment of your time and efforts to create something that benefits your readers in some form or fashion! Without the support of a staff of writers who can help contribute content however, your posting frequency will likely be less, but this is not necessarily a bad thing! Although studies have shown posting more does increase your traffic flow, for individual bloggers, it makes more sense to simply focus on the quality of their work! By trying to update a blog frequently without the support of a staff of writers or guest bloggers, individuals run the risk of posting low quality content because their concern is more about quantity and NOT quality! Remember, haste makes waste and as a blogger your haste can also drive people away due to low quality content, so forget trying to do the impossible by posting at a high frequency level, there is only ONE of you! By consistently posting updates, and remember, I said consistently NOT frequently, your readers will better appreciate your ‘quality’ efforts and their referrals will bring you more of the traffic you want and need!


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