How Being TOO Focused Can Hold You Back

Believe it or not, being too focused can actually be the cause of many missed opportunities in life! Wait, what! That’s right although we’re taught and trained to maintain a laser like focus in order to increase our productivity and reach our goals focusing too much can actually hold us back! As strange as this claim may be, the fact is if you’re so deeply immersed in what you’re doing you may be too busy to notice much anything else, and this is NOT always a good thing!

Here are 5 different ways being intensely focused can actually set you back!

Missed Opportunities

As mentioned above focusing too much on one thing tends to ‘blind’ you to your surroundings which is not always good! The purpose of channeling all your attention on a single objective is to reach that objective as soon as possible, but sometimes there is a cost! Whether we’re talking about your personal or professional life, opportunities abound, if you can see them, but when you deliberately ‘block’ out your environment, these opportunities tend to be overlooked! Just saying!

No Course Correction

In pursuit of our goals we all find ‘systems’ or strategies we adopt to use to achieve the objectives we set out to reach! The problem here is sometimes (actually quite often) the ‘approach’ you’re using can benefit from some periodic modifications that may go unnoticed simply because you’re too busy to notice the need! Now focusing on ‘completing’ the steps of your approach, day in and day out, will definitely dim your awareness putting you at risk of not identifying and taking corrective measures when needed! The same holds true for your ultimate objectives, sometimes they too need to be modified! The goals you set may prove to be unrealistic but if you don’t recognize this you’ll only end up wasting your efforts! The point here is either your strategy or even your goals may be in need of some serious re-evaluation but by focusing too much on reaching these goals, you’ll likely NOT notice the need!

Time Wasted

Time is one of our most valuable resources and one that is NOT renewable so we need to use it wisely! By being too busy to notice opportunities or ways to improve your approach, you could easily be wasting your time due to an inefficient tactics or simply pursuing the WRONG goals! Focusing is always good, but like alcohol, learn to moderate your use of it! Life is dynamic and things are always changing, so keep that in mind before you bury your head in the sand by being overly focused! Choose your goals wisely and be willing to learn from your ‘journey’ as you pursue these goals!

Spirit Dampened

How would you feel if it was taking you seemingly forever to achieve your objectives while others around you were capitalizing on opportunities you never saw? This is another threat facing anybody who focuses too intensely on what they’re doing! Missed opportunities in life or work is bad enough, but when the tactics you use are either barely working or not at all your spirits take a BIG hit! This can be VERY dangerous, especially for someone with aspirations to improve their situation or accomplish something significant! You can NOT allow your own disappointment to extinguish your determination to at least try because once this happens, you may NEVER try again!

Life Out of Balance

By concentrating all your time and energy on just one area, the other aspects of your life go ignored or unattended! This can not happen simply because you are NOT just about the goals you’re trying to achieve! There is a thing called life, and it is NOT defined by just a few things! Our lives give us our reason for existing and is often the target of our efforts insofar as trying to improve the quality of it! By focusing too much on just a few things we run the risk of literally ignoring a large portion of our lives which can throw it out of balance! Remember that love, work, play, family, friends and so on are all just singular aspects of what makes up our lives, and each aspect needs attention or they will suffer as you will too! Think of it in terms of driving a vehicle, although you must be alert to what is in front of you, it is equally important to look in ALL directions so that surprises don’t unexpectedly disrupt or end your journey!

Although focusing your efforts is a good thing and encouraged, being too focused can also result in many missed opportunities in life and more! We’ve all been taught, and it is true, that by strongly concentrating on selected tasks and goals, our efforts should be more productive when it comes to achieving those objectives! On the other hand, as discussed above, focusing too much can also cause us to be too busy to notice opportunities, mistakes and even tactics that could help us improve our performance or even our lives! The point is your ability to focus is definitely an asset but at the same time too much focus can actually blind you to important ‘feedback’ and other information that can improve both your performance as well as your life! In the end, focusing is still the best way to improve your performance and productivity but remember to take the time to stop and look around to see what your previous efforts may have uncovered!

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