Getting The Best Search Engine Results in 2017

What are the best search engine ‘tactics’ to use to get more free traffic considering all the changes introduced by Google over the last few years? Optimization strategies, keyword use and even how you share your content have all ‘evolved’ as a result of the many algorithm changes Google has introduced! So how best do you get love from the search engines going forth into the coming year? What are the best white hat tactics you can use to get your fair share of traffic and exposure from search engines in this day and age of content being king?

Here are 5 white hat tactics that prove to be very effective at delivering you a higher ranking and more traffic from Google!

Engaging Content

Creating and publishing excellent content is sure to attract search engines who’ll in turn present it to people in search for such information! Nothing like having a search engine for a personal assistant! The more engaging the content the longer a visitor spends on your page and thus, the higher the ranking you’ll receive, it’s that simple! Nowadays it is always suggested to only use white hat tactics like this one to get more visitors since other ‘questionable’ tactics will only set you up for trouble, penalties, aggravation and frustration! Do it right the first time and you’ll never fear the consequences…

Influencer Marketing

One natural way of getting back-links, traffic and additional exposure is to share your content with people of influence! In most cases these influential people have large followings with which whom they can share your content! Once readers see what you created, and assuming they like it, you will have many linking back to your site to see more of your work! These back links will be noticed by Google who in turn will increase your search ranking and this is another great way to get more free traffic!

On-Site SEO

Having a mobile design with a fast loading time as well as a secured web page will all score ‘favorably’ in terms of receiving search engine love! Once you share your content around the web you’ll want to have a properly prepared or otherwise optimized site to which you can welcome your ‘new’ visitors! Other white hat tactics you can use to get a better search engine ranking are ‘little’ things such as proper keyword use, proper use of tags for titles and subtitles, short keyword rich url’s, use social sharing buttons and even optimizing the images you use!

Long-Form Content

Creating long form content typically ranks well because the topic is usually covered in greater ‘depth’ due to the length of the article! This results in more views which in turn leads to more back links and you know Google loves those back links! Although there continues to be plenty of debate about the effectiveness of long form content due to short attention spans, it does tend to be more engaging due to the greater detail in which it is typically presented!

Social Media Activity

Using social media outlets to share your content is simply brilliant because the people you encounter on these sites come from all over the internet! This results in more exposure, more views and back-links, and a wider ‘variety’ of readers which is about the best ‘endorsement’ you can receive to help you rank higher! Remember, these channels are also excellent for making new connections and finding the people of influence that we spoke of above, who can endorse your work while increasing your traffic and credibility!

The 5 best search engine tactics you can use to get more free traffic were discussed above and reflect all the recent changes introduced by Google! The white hat tactics reviewed here today have all proven to be quite effective at delivering to you a higher ranking as well as more traffic! The suggestions above are easy to implement and it all starts with ‘how’ you prepare and share your content! If what you create and distribute is relevant and/or interesting and you share it with the right people and/or on the right sites, getting more free search engine traffic will be your reward!


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