Getting Better Search Engine Results with Google

Getting better search engine results in terms of traffic to your blog is something every blogger has an interest in, or at least should, so we can spend more time creating content! Over the last couple of years Google has made many changes to their algorithms leaving many marketers dazed, confused or simply frustrated about what search engine optimization tactics are still effective! Getting free and highly targeted traffic is something nobody with an online presence should overlook or ignore therefore let’s have a look at the best ways to get traffic to your blog by using simple search engine optimization techniques you can implement as early as today!

The following short video should lend some clarity as to what SEO tactics bloggers can use to attract more search engine traffic going forward into 2015!


In order to get better search engine rankings and thus more traffic to your blog, certain SEO tips, such as those shared above, are what you’ll need to succeed in doing so! After all the changes in their algorithms Google has made over the last couple of years it’s understandable that many bloggers may be a bit confused and even frustrated with how to best attract free organic traffic! The video presentation shown here today is meant to serve as an ‘updated’ crash course in what search engine optimization techniques are still effective with Google going forward into this year so be sure to get your fair share by applying what you’ve learned here today! To your independence, be it politically, financially or otherwise, on this 4th of July!

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