Get More Done By Exploiting Your Energy

With the demands of a busy lifestyle most achievers are always looking for ways to get more done with every day! Of course our first instincts is to learn how to better manage time but is this really the answer? To achieve and produce typically requires a high level of energy so perhaps this is something you need to consider when you plan your day! Having a lot of energy does in fact help you to be more focused and this is a ‘proven’ stepping stone to increasing productivity, so let’s investigate this further!

Here are 3 compelling reasons to plan your day around your energy levels so that you can be more productive on a daily basis!

Mental Acuity

Upon arising in the morning your mind is usually fully rested and ready to get a fresh start on a new day! At this point since the day is still very young, you haven’t encountered any challenges, yet, that can divert or occupy your attention! This blissful early morning state of mind allows for you to be more focused on any plans, tasks or priorities you’ve made for the day! Oh course as the day grows old situations will arise, as they always do, that will occupy your thoughts and challenge your abilities to keep your focus, so schedule your most difficult tasks for completion in the morning!

Give Yourself a Physical ‘Burst’

Simply stated get into a routine of exercising your body since this increases blood flow to the brain which in turn boost your cognitive abilities! Staying fit also helps you maintain a high level of energy giving you the strength and stamina you need to put in a consistent quality effort that will NOT fizzle out on you throughout the day! When feeling fatigued we all tend to get sloppy and this leads to mistakes but when you have a high level of energy, both mistakes and the time needed to correct them are minimized giving you more time to be productive!

Use Afternoons for Less Challenging Tasks

As the day grows old it’s best to be more focused on any remedial tasks that are less challenging or daunting! Here too the chances of you committing needless mistakes has been minimized and you’re able to use your afternoons to take care of loose ends, get organized and even plan your next day! There will be times that your day may be so eventful or stressful that it becomes necessary to just step back and recharge! Well afternoons are a great time to do so especially since your mornings are typically productive therefore leaving you feeling less guilty about taking time away! Although you may have a strong work ethic, you are still human subject to distractions and fatigue so address these challenges and do NOT let them fester!

Trying to get more done everyday is NOT always solved by managing your time better but does usually require a high level of energy! Having said that, perhaps the success of each day starts with ‘how’ you plan your day in terms of taking advantage of your energy levels to help you be more focused on the things you want to achieve! As discussed above there are 3 compelling reasons as to why you need to ‘exploit’ your high energy level as opposed to trying to better mange time, if you really want to achieve your goals! There is no such thing as time management when you’re tired because fatigue is an open portal to making mistakes, however if you’re well rested, that’s another story!


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