Even Striving for Perfection Has a Dark Side

Striving for perfection, although an admirable quality, is also something that can hold you back from accomplishing more or trying new things! Always trying to be perfect requires diligence and paying attention to detail which slows you down and typically decreases your chances of success to reach your goals!

Let’s take a look at how the mindset of a perfectionist can surprisingly have a detrimental effect on 5 key areas of your life!

Inner Struggles

Frustration, stress and constant discontent tends to plague people who always want things to be perfect! For these people even if perfection is achieved, it is something they expect and therefore do not even celebrate it! Possessing high standards like this does not necessarily increase your chances of success primarily because to reach your goals you must focus on doing whatever it takes to achieve them! Perfection, if you can achieve it, is merely a bonus!

Decreases Productivity

Getting things perfectly right calls for quite a bit of attention to details as well as diligence and this takes time and effort! Devoting this time and effort can easily hold you back from getting more done which is what is needed to reach your goals! The bottom line here is you must make progress to show results and it’s the results that make you successful, not how you got them!

Discourages Risk Taking

Being more results oriented as oppose to concerning yourself too much with being perfect makes people more receptive to taking risks! These folks don’t care how they do it or what it takes but rather only focus on their ultimate objectives! Those who try to do everything without mistakes find taking risks is the best way to make errors and therefore tend to shy away from them! When you consider the best chances of success are assuming challenges nobody else wants to try, than you understand why perfectionist don’t experience much success! They tend not to stray off the beaten path to find new opportunities or explore new options because of the chance of errors being made! No guts no glory!

Constant Under-Achieving (Goals Not Met)

Most perfectionist are more concerned and focused on HOW they do things and NOT what they accomplished! It therefore stands to reason that if you are of the same mindset, your chances of success to reach your goals is severely diminished! The fact is having a perfectionist mindset can very easily hold you back from accomplishing more due to your aversion to risk as well as all the time you devote to being perfect! Without enough being accomplished goals usually don’t get met!

Repels Others

Nobody wants to be around ‘nit-pickers’ who are always finding fault and never happy with their results! Ever been around someone who’s compulsive or obsessive? These people can be very annoying since everything must go their way and if not, they won’t quite until it does! Perfectionist operate in a way most normal folks don’t! Their behavior can be interpreted as demeaning or arrogant but in either case, it is not a comfortable situation so people therefore try to avoid such encounters!

At quick glance there’s little NOT to admired about striving for perfection since this is often an indicator of pride and the desire to get the job done right! On the other hand however perfection can also become an obsession that can easily hold you back from getting more done which is NO way to reach your goals! Our conversation here today is about how your chances of success at many things dwindles as you more tightly embrace the ‘need’ to be perfect because you tend to be more focused on the process and NOT the end results! The bottom line here is to worry less about perfection because it’s not always attainable and in most cases it is NOT always required to reach your goals!

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