Establishing Your Blog Posting Frequency – Factors to Consider

Setting your blog posting frequency is much like choosing a car color, the choice is always a personal one! The first step towards making such a determination is first setting realistic goals that you can achieve and NOT setting yourself up for failure by trying to do more than you have the time and patience to accomplish! Biting off more than you can ‘chew’ in this way will only lead to frustration, stress and the distinct possibility that you’ll eventually feel overwhelmed and simply quit! The popular belief that the more you post, the more traffic you’ll get and therefore the more successful your efforts will be only perpetuates the feeling that a higher frequency of posting is the ONLY way to become a success! Well what about the atmosphere of haste this mindset nurtures which lead to lower quality content and disgruntled visitors!

The following video offers a rather compelling reason as to why some bloggers may post infrequently due to their own lack of time and patience which results in better quality content their readers will appreciate more!

Although blog posting frequencies are the sole choice of the site administrator, quite often it is the time and patience a blogger has available that helps determine how often they post! The video above put together by Henri Junttila offers you the compelling perspective that first and foremost you MUST establish ONLY realistic goals when blogging which is to say the time and resources you do have available must fit the objectives you’re trying to reach! In this case if you do not have the time and patience to post more than you currently do, than do what you can, and do it well! Remember, keep realistic goals if you fully intend to achieve them for to do otherwise will only result in frustration and even failure!

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