Elevate Your Use of Imagery Online By Creating Your Own Graphics

The use of imagery has proven to be a popular and effective way of building an online presence but unfortunately finding the right graphics or making your own is not always easy! Although the internet is literally bursting with images that may fit your needs, you must be cautious NOT to use any that are licensed since this can land you in hot water! Fortunately there is a free software tool available you can use to create your own graphics as you see fit for social media use, website designs or as a visual aid for when you share your content! This handy tool is called Canva and has been developed by one of the most prominent ‘thought leaders’ and entrepreneurs on the internet Guy Kawasaki!

Let’s listen to a rather savvy, sexy and social online presence herself Amy Schmittauer as she describes in the video below how this spectacular yet easy to use tool works and how it may fit into your online plans!

The use of imagery and video has evolved into one of the most effective ways to build an online presence and communicate your message simply because this method is more engaging than using simple text! The only problem with this strategy is finding or creating the best graphics for your needs WITHOUT violating the licensed rights that typically accompany images found on the internet! The above video by Amy Schmittauer does a great job explaining how to use the free tool developed by Guy Kawasaki for easily creating your OWN customized graphics you can use on social media, website designing or as a visual aid when you share your content online! This tool is called Canva and I suggest you check it out for yourself to see if it isn’t exactly what you need to expand your online presence with professional looking graphics you can create on the fly!

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