Does Your Content Marketing Strategy Need a Makeover?

Is your current content marketing strategy, in spite of your efforts, frustrating you due to a lack of results? You’re expecting more traffic, sales or shares when marketing your business using this strategy but it just ain’t happening, so now what? Ever hear of going the ‘extra’ yard to get the job done? Look, if you don’t take certain steps before and after you share your content, your results will continue to disappoint you!

Let’s quickly launch into a discussion about the 5 things you need to do to get the best results when marketing your business with content…

Don’t Promote

People need and want to know when you’ve published something new so share your content through email, social media or even post it to your blog! Most importantly once you’ve published what you’ve created it is up to you to spread the word! Although this process can be time consuming you can ‘enlist’ the help of apps, widgets or other types of software automation that will free you up to do other things! The bottom line is if nobody knows you just published something new it will not get viewed and your efforts therefore will go unrewarded!

Don’t Convert

Be it making a sale or getting contact information you MUST allow your content to work for you otherwise what’s the sense? The ultimate purpose of marketing your business with content is to get additional exposure, create an awareness, get more sales and collect contact information! Don’t be afraid to make a product offer or ask for the sale, but don’t ever miss an opportunity to collect valuable contact information! If you’ve got sales pages or squeeze pages be sure you in some way to direct people to these sites by inserting links to do so!

Don’t Plan

Without a sound strategy your efforts will largely be unfocused and therefore less effective so plan your work! As mentioned above strategies are really comprised of a ‘network’ of smaller plans designed to achieve certain ‘modest’ objectives that when combined will help you reach your goals! Each step or plan must be implemented at a certain time to have the desired effect so plan accordingly than work your plan! Without proper planning you will doom yourself to continually experiencing a lack of results for the efforts you’ve invested and you don’t want that, do you?

Don’t Share Enough

The articles or posts you worked so hard on need to be shared on various platforms to increase your exposure and get better results! What this means is you MUST learn to be an ‘opportunist’ who continues to share your content whether you’re on Skype or simply visiting forums for news and information! Be proud of what you’ve created and don’t be stingy, learn to share! This step differs from promoting your content because all you’re doing is sharing a link without any ‘persuasive’ copy for people to make a purchase or leave their name! Once people see what you’ve created it is hoped they will be intrigued enough to look for more and it is at this point you can try to convert them into a customer or list member!

Don’t Humanize

The information you share can actually be ‘humanize’ to help increase reader engagement and this can be done several ways! Telling a story, sharing an experience, explaining your feelings or simply using a ‘conversational’ tone in your writing will help readers better identify with you! When marketing your business you do NOT have to be ‘clinical’ about what you are offering but rather using the approach of empathy will likely get you better results! People find it easier to relate to you the more you humanize your content which means they will be more receptive to what you have to say or offer! Be yourself, laugh at yourself and offer yourself as a source of support and reliable information readers can count on!

If your content marketing strategy is continuing to disappoint you due to a lack of results perhaps better preparation and follow-up are the answer! Remember, this is a strategy for marketing your business and strategies are typically multiple ‘mini’ plans that are implemented in a coordinated fashion for an expressed purpose! As discussed above, there are 5 things that you must do either before or after you share your content that should be considered necessary preparation and/or follow-up to make this strategy effective! Although these things, individually, at least on the surface, may seem insignificant to you, if you’re NOT doing them than it’s likely you’ll continue to get the same results!

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