Does Online Clickbaiting Piss You Off?

Online clickbaiting is a very popular albeit somewhat controversial way to get more traffic and is based upon sensationalizing your content with tempting or intriguing headlines! Although there is no denying this strategy does work, it is the lengths some people use to get the readers attention in order to create a buzz and hence get more traffic as a result that offend viewers! Many people feel cheated, deceived or simply let down when they take the time to view content that has been over-hyped by its headline or title, so why do publishers still practice this strategy? As I stated previously, it works!

Let’s explore more closely why clickbait tends to catch the eyes of viewers as well as why this same strategy can also infuriate the same people it has successfully attracted!

Why You Can’t Resist Clicking on This Article

To help you figure out which side of the clickbait debate you fall on, we put together this post — hopefully, by giving you some background into the history, science, and ethics of clickbait, you can make a decision on how you’re …

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Now for a decidedly more cynical ‘interpretation’ of  what click-bait really is, simply watch the brief and very candid video immediately following…

Although many who publish content often use online clickbaiting,as a means to get more traffic, many viewers take exception to being ‘deceived’ by this tactic! The reason marketers continue to use clickbait is simply because the curiosity it stirs in viewers is hard to resist! The question as to whether ‘deceptive’ titles or headlines are unethical is something that will likely continue to be debated! One thing is for sure however and that’s if you really want to create a buzz on the internet the first step is to get noticed and clickbait titles have certainly proven to be successful at doing just that!

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