Does a Lack of Motivation Keep You From Success

Dreaming for a better life is all well and good but if a lack of motivation is holding you back from taking action on your dreams, you’re only fooling yourself! Many people may feel their dreams and aspirations are merely ‘places’ they can escape to make themselves feel better while others may fear failing if they try to pursue those dreams! In either case if you’re not willing to take the steps to make things happen, your dreams will always remain simply that, dreams! Of course people can be somewhat creative when avoiding or sidestepping the perceived challenges they feel their aspirations may offer by using (creating) excuses for why they can’t or won’t take action on their aspiration or opportunities!

Let’s take a quick look at 3 of the most common (and worn out) excuses people use that are actually holding them back from enjoying a better and fuller life!


Are the excuses you use to keep you from tackling challenges and/or opportunities really just the result of your lack of motivation? People who ‘hide’ behind reasons or excuses as to why they can’t or won’t even make an attempt to try something new or to better themselves are only fooling themselves! The fact is these excuses are actually what is holding you back from trying new things and exploring new opportunities and this is a shame! Creating barriers like this will (continue) not only keep you from trying to make things happen that will benefit you and those around you, but will remain as a memory or even a monument to what could have been in your life! Isn’t it time to discard the flimsy excuses, like the 3 discussed above, that are holding you back from greater rewards and successes by taking ownership of not only your life but of your destiny as well! Just a thought!

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