Do You Have a Content Marketing Strategy???

As a blogger you’re heavily engaged in content marketing whether you’re aware of it or not! Without question your ability to develop content readers will find of interest is CRUCIAL,  however,  if you do not promote your blog, your writing efforts will go mostly unnoticed! That doesn’t make much sense, does it? Well let’s take a closer look at what it really takes to create and implement a strategy that will guide you in how to develop content , make it work for your ‘purposes’ and make the public aware of what you’ve created!

Let’s get started…

Before you begin to share any useful information with your target audience it’s best to first have a strategy for WHAT you want to accomplish! Without direction your efforts will be less effective …

Creating a Content Strategy

Yikes! The following are tips on how to create an effective and measurable content strategy, as suggested by pros in the industry. 1. Define Your Goals. All content is created and shared in pursuit of an overarching goal.

Since social media seems to be where all the traffic can be found, check out these tools that will help you promote your blog without any effort on your part!

Social Media Tools for Your Content Sharing Strategy

Find out how social media content tools can complement your sharing strategy. There is more to an effective social media content strategy than just hammering an audience into submission with calls to action. Build your 

Taking your social sharing to another level , although the tools discussed immediately above are VERY effective, you can even boost their effectiveness by ‘placing’ them more ‘strategically’ on your blog!

Attract More Blog Readers With These Simple Social Sharing Icon …

Twitter has been the most effective social platform for attracting new readers to Pushing Social. Facebook is also darn effective even though I actively Although I don’t mind my content being shared there, it isn’t likely that I will ever engage with a Pinterest user on the platform. So, for now, no Pinterest even though there In the end, this strategy sends a confusing message and distracts users from reading your content. As a general rule I pick 3 social icons to display.

Placing social icons on your blog is a great way to get more people to read your posts but you must also ACTIVELY promote your site as well! View the video below to discover 8 very effective strategies you can use to promote your blog…

Content marketing has gained an even greater focus online with all the latest algorithm changes that tend to influence how we all NOW develop content! As a blogger however, it really comes down to simply offering good reading material for readers both new and old! Getting new readers however does require you ‘actively’ promote your blog and some of the best tools and strategies to do so have been discussed above! Now just get out there and put these things to work for you!!!

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