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Developing a business brand online is an important strategic maneuver to help customers identify you or your products and what they stand for. Online branding not only helps to readily identify you with a particular niche but also helps to build your reputation as well.

Successful business branding is not a transformation that takes place over night. Much like blog building, it is a process that takes time. It consists of a series of online branding strategies utilizing various activities calculated to convey a consistent message. Whether it is free content distribution for the viral effect, article submissions or other promotional consistencies a repeated message is being sent out to consumers. Invariably these messages are relating you to a theme, niche or level of quality. In any case a consistent and sustained effort will be needed creating content for use in your branding campaign. Over time this message eventually becomes embedded in the consumers mind and at that point the brand development is complete.

But before any branding strategies can be developed a determination must first be made of what in fact the brand is. This initial step is very important since business branding is much like a tattoo; you CAN NOT just wake up and wash it off if you do not like it. You need to be right on target as to what it is you want consumers to associate you with. This will also help you to better target the niche you need to be focusing on. And on the ‘flip’ side you best represent what it is you are trying to impress people that you stand for.

Here are 5 questions you need to answer, and honestly, before you can determine exactly what your branding strategies should be.

What is it You Do?

What type of product or service do you offer? For example do you sell weight loss products or do you offer a computer programming service? Are your products physical or are they digitally delivered to customers? Perhaps you offer consultation or advice in a particular field.

Do you work within a clearly defined niche or do you offer a broad base of products or services? Is your focus short term or do you have long range plans within this niche?

Determining exactly what it is you do is your first step towards developing a sense of what your brand should be.

What Sets You Apart?

Considering the products or services you offer what makes them different or unique to the customer as opposed to comparable products. Do you have a ‘unique selling point’ you can emphasize in your branding strategies?

Why Would Customers Care?

As far as the product(s) you offer and considering any uniqueness they may have why would a customer care? Is there something about what it is you do that would make a difference or impact in the life of the customer?

Why Would Customers Buy from Me?

Assuming that there are similar products available to what you offer why would anyone want to purchase from you? How would they benefit? What makes you special or different from your competitors?

Can you list any reasons as to why you standout? If so make a list and the longer the better!

What Are Your Strengths & Weaknesses?

Assess your strengths and weaknesses regarding your expertise in the field and your ability to conduct business in a professional and reliable manner. Take into consideration how this would impact the customers overall buying experience including any necessary activities involving customer service.

Once again by compiling the results of your assessments in a list it will be easier to work them into your overall branding strategy.

Developing a business brand online makes you more credible and identifiable within your niche. Online branding is very effective at improving your ability to do business on the internet. It is very important however that before you attempt to implement any brand development strategies you need FIRST to determine what your brand is or should be. The 5 questions we reviewed above that need to be answered should better clarify for YOU what it is you stand for in the eyes of the consumer. Once you have determined that you have also determined you brand. At this point a deliberate and sustained effort will be required to create content and effectively distribute it in order to establish your brand. Are you up to the task?


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