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Creating a blog that will attract plenty of traffic is not complicated although it does require the investment of time and patience. Blog building involves amongst other things establishing a certain quality and consistency in regards to your content. But your efforts in this area will be wasted without any blog traffic.

Attracting and maintaining visitors to your blog is what it will take to help you site grow. The need for a constant flow of blog traffic is an obvious and critical component of the blog building process itself. Without visitors your site can not grow or develop therefore means in which to attract these visitors need to be explored.

Here are 5 simple steps to take to attract and maintain a steady flow of blog traffic that will help your site grow and flourish.

Familiarity and Passion

Being familiar with the topic of your postings is always a good start but having passion for the subject is even better. Being passionate will serve to make your blog posting more enjoyable and seem less like work. Just as important is that your passion will carry over into your content and readers WILL pick up on it. Your passion and/or knowledge will be evident starting a buzz that will attract more readers.

Internal Linking

Always try to link your posts to any others on your site where there is a relevancy established. This will make navigating your site a lot easier for readers allowing them to ‘discover’ other posts they may have otherwise overlooked.

Internal linking like this also helps search engines crawl your site better leading to them ‘awarding’ your site an even higher degree of relevancy. The higher ranking and additional traffic you receive as a result is not too shabby either.

Bookmarking Sites

Take the opportunity to bookmark your posts, especially the really good ones on major bookmarking sites. Making a habit of submitting your post to sites such as Delicious, Digg or Stumbleupon can really give you an increase in exposure and traffic. Members will view and rate your content meanwhile sharing it (hopefully) with others on that particular bookmark site.

Consistent Blog Posting

The consistency of your blog posting will not only attract new visitors but also help sustain the current flow of traffic by keeping old readers loyal. People will know when to expect your next post and therefore will return to view them. The more frequently you post the more people will be ‘notified’ through RSS feeds or pinging.

Maintaining your consistency in this area is critical and should be considered a priority task on your part.

Tweet It

Using the hottest social networking site online Twitter you can ‘announce’ your latest post through a direct RSS feed to the site. You can even follow-up with your own announcements on a periodic basis to extend the exposure of the post on this site.

The use of a ‘tweetme’ button on your blog will help to ‘enlist’ the help of any readers who like the post allowing them to tweet it to their own following.

Creating a blog that attracts a crowd is more a process than a one time effort. Blog building involves a certain dedication to not only a consistent pattern of posting but also in maintaining a continual flow of traffic. The 5 simple steps we reviewed here today will serve to not only maintain the quality of your site but also the flow of traffic needed to continually grow.

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