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Using Social Media Efficiently When Blogging

Using social media can be very time consuming but it’s also a tremendous way to get more traffic to your blog!  More and more internet users are turning to online social sites to meet new people, share their content or simply stay informed and bloggers are no different! The fact is learning to effectively leverage […]

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Imagining the World Before the Internet Existed!

Imagining a world before the internet is NOT entirely inconceivable! There once was a time way back in history, as far back as the 8o’s, when your life online was simply a brainchild of programmers and dreamers! Imagine a life without online identity theft, little Justin Bieber. phishing, cyber attacks on both businesses and government […]

How Overusing Online Social Networks Prohibits Personal Development

The ever growing popularity of online social networks results from the ease, convenience and fun of ‘connecting’ with others on the internet! On the other hand however does using social networking also contribute to restricting our much needed social skills development? The focus and stance of this writer proposes that spending too much time ‘socializing’ […]

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Online Social Networking – Careful What You Say!

Online social networking is NOT something you would consider to be one of those internet risks we all need to avoid but it does indeed have its hidden dangers! For anyone who works online or holds a day job, maintaining your good reputation is important but your activity on Twitter, Facebook or any other social […]

Social Media Statistics Indicate Teens Leaving Facebook

Recent social media statistics indicate that teens are becoming less active on Facebook and tend to be migrating over to another popular networking site, Twitter! Considering that Facebook still rules as the most popular of all social sites found online, it is intriguing to see that the younger generation seems to be losing interest in […]

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