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Effective Marketing Makes Product Quality Insignificant

In regards to the internet when it comes to product quality, effective marketing plays a more prominent role in a persons buying decision! This is not to say high quality products are not in demand or appreciated but rather marketing success depends more upon the promotional strategy than the product […]

5 Tips on Writing Better Copy in Less Time

For anybody looking to for an increase in sales online, it would likely start with some helpful tips on writing better copy.
Since communications with potential customers is generally limited to text, your copy writing plays a crucial role in your success.
Read on to see 5 ways you can make dramatic improvements with your copy writing efforts saving you time and increasing your earnings!

3 Traits a Copywriter Definitely Needs!

When depending upon ‘only’ written text to convey their message a copywriter faces challenges unlike most anybody else.
Creating content that will influence or persuade others obviously requires a certain writing skill.
Read on to see 3 traits every copy writer needs when composing copy for use to persuade others that will make their efforts more effective.

How to Write Persuasive Copy without the Hype

Learning how to write persuasive sales copy without making the reader feel like they have just been mugged is a lesson in psychology.
When marketing on the internet your reputation is more important than one fast sale so avoid aggressive sales copy if possible.
Read on to discover a 7 step process a copywriter can follow to help make the customer more comfortable making a buying decision.