Locking Down Your Personal Brand Like Donald Trump

Having a personal brand will make you stand out whether you are marketing your business or promoting a cause! The recent presidential campaign held here in the United States is a perfect example of how Donald Trump methodically approaches brand building and his lessons are NOT to be ignored! Whether […]

Locking Down Your Personal Brand Like Donald Trump

Expanding Your Internet Footprint For Greater Success

Your internet footprint plays an important role in helping you get more traffic to your website or blog! The fact is without establishing a strong online presence, at least within your niche, your ability to grow your business or cause will be severely limited! Below you’ll find four different webmasters […]

5 Branding Strategies Bloggers Can Use

Branding strategies are commonly used by anybody looking to strengthen their online presence and this includes bloggers as well! By creating a strong brand awareness you give yourself a much better chance of standing out in the continuously growing global community of the internet! When blogging, building brand awareness is […]